History - old St John's church

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The photo above is the interior of the old St John’s church, which is now no longer with us. The photo was taken in 1927. Note that it had a balcony. The church was built in 1770 on The Rock in Bury, approximately where Costa Coffee is now! You can still find some of the memorial stones, set within the nearby garden. 2020 will mark our 250th anniversary!

New St John’s Church

Below is the ‘new’ church, consecrated in June 1964. It was built when the old one became structurally unsafe. Simpler in style, the rounded arch was intended to give the same architectural sense as that in the old church – but no balcony this time!

new st john's church

More information

Please visit theĀ History tab on this site to get many more details and photos about our church over the years. It includes information about the sculpture of Christ above the altar, the old St Mark’s church and the different clergy that we’ve had with us.

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