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Open Group – April 11th

Keith Trivasse

The Open Group resumed on Wednesday March 14th with the Reverend Keith Trivasse sharing stories about his life, in particular his interfaith work.

You can see some of Keith’s excellent sermons on this site. Here’s one from last year, called Building a House for God

Ian Banks

Next up is Ian Banks on April 11th. In the past he’s covered the history of coffee, vinyl records, persian rugs, old Bibles, Kings & Queens of England, hymns, fairy stories and nursery rhymes. He’s also held a story-telling night and led a meditation. So be prepared for anything…

Here’s a sermon by Ian preached in February, called What’s in a name?

Open to all

As the name of the group suggests the evening is open to all. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month. It starts at 7.30pm and normally lasts just over an hour with a brew and a chat at the end. One of the sessions is usually a Craft Night, hence the photo above. But most evenings are listening to speakers, either from our own congregation or visitors.


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