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Politics and theology

The Reverend Keith Trivasse, one of our retired clergy, has started a blog called Red Roots Theology. This combines his interests in politics and theology.

Here’s an extract from an article published April 13th called ‘How shall we speak peace?’ which talks about the crisis in Syria:

We have got to keep alive the pressure for peace even in the face of war. In our prayers and in our words we need to keep alive the rumour of the Christ who bought us peace on the cross. There is a hanging cross near to where I live. The Christ figure is caught in barbed wire. We have to remain engaged in this crisis and uphold our Christ as the prince of peace. So may we speak.


On the Red Roots Theology site you can also see Keith’s book ‘Hand-in-hand: An exploration of a Christian Muslim engagement’.

This is from the Epilogue:

Each time I go for a walk I enter into a new landscape and soundscape. Each time I notice shops and houses differently. The sounds are different: at night there will be almost no-one on the road, but even then I have been stopped for conversations. In the daytime I may get children calling out ‘Mr Keith’. At one house two women put their heads out of the door and cry out, ‘Hello Sir’. Just slight changes but it means that each walk is different. The event of the work changes me, marks me. Through the event and by the words summoned, I find myself rescripted and inscribed anew.

Please check out the site and follow what Keith has to say.