Sunday @ Seven

Sunday @ Seven: May 27th

What is it?

Sunday @ Seven is led by Nigel Silvester, our Authorised Lay Minister, and Cath Hilton. Plus anyone else they can ‘volunteer’ on the night. It’s an opportunity to sing and pray in a more informal setting than the usual Sunday and weekday church services.

So if you enjoy a good sing-along then please come along! (Sorry couldn’t resist).

But there’s prayer and thought-provoking meditations too to challenge our assumptions.

Next up

Our next Sunday @ Seven service will be on May 27th. We’ll be in The Barritt Room at St John’s Hall on Parkinson Street. And yes, it starts at 7pm.

This will be an extension to our ‘Thy Kingdom Come‘ celebrations. These also include our Boundary Walk and keeping both churches open for prayer during the afternoons of the week of May 14th.


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