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If you come along to either of the churches in our Walmersley Road Benefice you can pick up a copy of our June magazine. We would love to see you! The Benefice covers Christ Church Walmersley and St John with St Mark Bury. You’ll find that there’s lots going on.

For those a little too far away to make that practical, the digital version is available if you follow this link: June 2018 magazine

Please take a look and you’ll see prayers, meditations and book reviews… Plus of course you will find details on activities for June, Church services and Bible Readings for the month. There’s plenty more including the thought below from the Vicar…

Message from Rev Dave Thompson

Many years ago, a clergyman received a visit from a friend. The friend was keen to express his belief that it was not necessary to go to church to be a Christian. The clergyman insisted that fellowship with others was necessary to keep the faith and that regular worship was a vital part of the Christian life.  Despite his many protestations, the friend was adamant and would not be convinced of the Vicar’s views.

Suddenly, the clergyman got up from his chair and moved towards his coal fire. He drew his friend’s attention to the fact that the coals whilst together were all glowing and warm. Then he reached for the tongs and carefully picked up one solitary piece of coal. The single coal, from the moment it was separated from the others, gradually began to lose its glow and eventually its fire was extinguished, and it grew cold. This, he said, illustrated the point that fellowship with others in the Christian community feeds the fires of faith.

In the course of my ministry, I have had many conversations with those who have similar views to that of the clergyman’s friend. I occasionally tell the story of the piece of coal. More frequently I use the example of the footballer who is extremely skilful and possesses a very powerful shot but cannot perform unless he plays in a team.

Not perfect

The church is not perfect. There are people we worship with that we may not ordinarily spend time with. But as members of the body of Christ, we share a common bond with our fellow Christians that extend beyond normal social life. We meet together to share communion, sing hymns, hear the word of God and say our prayers. Like pieces of coal in a fire, being joined with each other helps us live out our Christian faith as part of a loving community.

May God guide us as we share fellowship with members of the worldwide Christian family.

With best wishes, Dave

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