MOB - Men of the Benefice and GOA - girls out alone


GOA – girls out alone

We’ll be meeting up next at La Dolce Vita on the Rock in Bury. This will be from 7pm on Friday 6th July. Please contact Gill Barnett, either directly or via the contact page, if you’re interested in coming along. La Dolce Vita is one of our favourite venues in Bury. Good food and great service! We’re not on commission, although if someone was to make an offer…

MOB – men of the Benefice

On Monday 18th June we’ll be together to watch England’s opening football World Cup match against Tunisia. We’ll be in The Barritt Room at St John’s Hall from 6.30pm. Kick-off 7pm. Food and drink will be available to help ease the tension…

Please get in touch either directly with Dave Thompson or via the contact page if you’d like more information.


The purpose of both GOA and MOB is to provide a flimsy and unneeded excuse for the women and men of St John with St Mark Bury and Christ Church Walmersley, plus anyone else who will put up with us, to get together separately and socialise. We couldn’t get together together, that would just be plain wrong. Or we’d need somewhere the size of a church to accommodate us…

PS: Thanks once again to Dave Walker for the cartoon.

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