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Gateway Ministries – hope, encourage & inspire

Gateway Ministries is a group of Bible believing Christians, who are on a mission to bring hope, encourage faith and inspire revival. Starting Saturday 8th September at 18:30, we will be meeting every Saturday night in the hall at Christ Church Walmersley.

There will be some singing and some prayer, but the main focus will be teaching on the book of Revelation, and what this final book of the Bible has to say to us today.

We would like to invite you to come along to Gateway Ministries

It doesn’t matter:

  • what you wear or where you are at.
  • if you have lots of faith or very little.
  • whether you’ve ever read the Bible or whether you know it cover to cover.
  • whether you go to Church or not.
  • if you are married, single or divorced, young or old, tattooed or scarred, rich or poor.

It doesn’t matter whether you have got it all together, your life is falling apart or you are somewhere in between. Just remember God loves you and we believe God wants to speak to you and us on these Saturday nights.

God Bless You, The Gateway Ministries Team.

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