brand new vibes

Brand New Vibes

A message from Kathryn Durham, Senior Pastor for our friends at Freedom Church, about Brand New Vibes…

Brand New Vibes

We wanted to let you know about an up and coming Ladies event here @Freedom Church!

FRIDAY 13th JULY, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, FREEDOM CHURCH, BURY

Join us for a fun, summers evening together, where we can soak-up the gorgeous atmosphere of Brand New Vibes, experiencing all things summer; indoor gardens, fresh fruit treats, home-made scones, chilled drinks, acoustic tones and upbeat faith-filled encouragement.

There’s something special about when God’s daughters come together; to celebrate each other, encourage, pray, connect, build, have fun, eat together, reach out to others…ultimately developing life-giving relationships centred around our incredible God! Brand New Vibes gives us a great opportunity to do this!

So please let all your ladies know they’re invited & book-in today!! Price is just £5 per person.

To book please visit:

We’re soo looking forward to seeing you & we really hope you can make it!

Love, Kathryn

More information

p.s. if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on this email address:

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