Prayer for key workers

Prayer for key workers

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This ‘prayer for key workers’ appears with kind permission of Dave Lucas. You can find a lot more prayer and liturgy like this, using widgets to illustrate the text, on his website: Prayers for Lockdown.

prayer for key workers - father we are in debt
prayer for key workers - to be there for all of us
prayer for key workers - shower then in blessings

Prayer for key workers

Father we are in debt to so many

The key workers who go that extra mile

The ones we have undervalued

The ones we now lean on

The ones whose selfless service leaves them exposed

The ones who put their own lives and those of their families at risk

The ones who are there for all of us

Circle them Lord

Protect them and their loved ones

Grant them rest

Guard their emotional health

Show us how we can support them

Thank them for us Lord

Shower them in blessings

May we never again take them for granted

Remind us to maintain this new found admiration long after this crisis is over, to treat them more fairly, to create a more fair society

But for now Father there is only one thing that matters, only one thing we pray, please keep them safe. Amen

For more by Dave Lucas, please check out the Disability & Jesus website. For a Talk on Jesus and Key Workers, please follow this link.


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