July & August magazine

July & August Magazine

Jesus took to the sea and to the hills when he needed time to rest, to reflect on his life’s journey. We all need to do that and if we are able to spend a little time in different surroundings it really does help our perspective on where we are at. It doesn’t have to be a fortnight sailing around the Mediterranean – a day or two on retreat at Formby can be just as rewarding.

christian aid week

Christian Aid week: 13-19 May

Zaza is eight years old and lives in Haiti. When a hurricane hit Haiti two years ago, Zaza was at home in bed. Knowing that their house wasn’t strong, Zaza and her family ran through the wind and the rain to a nearby shelter. The wind was so strong that it blew over many trees on Zaza’s part of the island – she only just escaped being crushed by a falling coconut tree.

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