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Life events

Life events

Christenings, weddings and funerals

The ministry team, led by Reverend Dave Thompson, are here to offer support, advice and practical help for those important life events. Whether you want your baby christened, looking to get confirmed, hold a wedding service in church or need someone to advise you when a death occurs, the ministry team are here to assist.

The Church of England also offers some really good guidance on their website:

If you are planning a christening, confirmation or a wedding then please come along to a Sunday service and have a chat with one of the team. Or come to the Wednesday evening ‘office’ and talk to the Vicar there.

Alternatively, our contact details are on the Contact page.

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A recent Christening – with some of the congregation out of their seats to get a good view!

In the event of a death then please contact Dave Thompson directly by phone: 0161 797 7652. He will work closely with you and the funeral director to support you through this difficult time.

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