Abooo Theatre – MotherAct

Abooo Theatre – MotherAct

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Abooo Theatre will be using our hall this Friday 17th May to rehearse for a performance at The Lowry of MotherAct.

If you’re a mum with a young child and want to participate in their community chorus next week then please read on…


From Clare Cameron, on the Abooo Theatre website:

MotherAct is a piece about mothering in all it’s messy glory. It’s being created by a team of mums including a musician, writer, director and several actors. Between us we have 9 kids from 6 months – 6 years. We’ve had 7 miscarriages and a lot of sleepless nights! Expect movement, music and a good dose of gallows humour. Sound familiar!?

A free, work-in-progress sharing of MotherAct will take place at The Lowry on Tuesday 21st May at midday.  Babies and children are welcome. It is free but a ticketed event just so we know how many to expect! If you want to come and watch please book your tickets here (this should take you to an Eventbrite page NOT the Lowry website)


We are also looking for real Mums to join us as a “community chorus” for 1 minute of the show! You’ll just need to talk about your daily routine.

Are you interested?

If you are interested then drop me an email: aboootheatre@gmail.com (make sure there’s 3 ‘o’s in Abooo!). PLEASE PUT “MUM” IN THE SUBJECT LINE

You’ll need to be available on Monday 20th May 10am – 1pm to come and have a brew with us in the rehearsal room and we’ll walk and talk through the 1 minute bit. You can do this with or without your little ones. It’s your choice.

On Tuesday 21st May, we’d need you to be at The Lowry at 10am so we can all have a rehearsal in the space before the sharing at midday. This is a voluntary opportunity but travel expenses of £10 per day will be paid to you after the sharing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Abooo

Abooo Theatre tells stories about parenting: those who have had children, those who cannot and those who have lost them. Abooo aims to provide accessible theatre to parents with babies to come and watch during the daytime. It also practices a parent-friendly process to ensure continued accessibility to work for creative professionals who are parents.

Abooo was founded by myself, Clare Cameron, actor and Mum. I was inspired by the multitude of new, often hilarious, occasionally devastating and regularly unpredictable, experiences which my husband and I shared  as we found our way to parenthood. I saw great potential for some extraordinary and meaningful story-telling from these new-found experiences.

Whilst pregnant, I soon realised that I had never spent so much time in all-female environments. With actresses currently under-represented in theatre generally, it struck me that pregnancy and new parenthood are rarely reflected on our stages. Equally, I realised that we rarely see topics such as miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, perinatal depression on our stages yet so many share these experiences.

Clare Cameron Abooo
Clare Cameron

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