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When we pray 2

In our present circumstances we cannot be physically together but perhaps instead of watching Countryfile on Sunday evening, you might follow the attached service and we can be Sunday@Seven in our own homes, in some way, together.

You will see that I had planned for us to look at prayer under three headings which I called “The Big Ask”; “Praying for others” and “ Getting to know you”.

april 2020 magazine

April 2020 Magazine

Here’s our April 2020 magazine.

Obviously with Covid-19 and all the restrictions, the magazine is a bit different to normal. There’s not much ‘what’s on’ to tell you about! But it does give us more space for reflections and prayer. There are also suggestions for worship from home.

But with all that’s going on, let’s not forget it’s Easter!

bible readings and study

April 2020 Bible Readings

Here are the April 2020 Bible readings. Since none of us, at least here in the UK, are likely to be in a church building this month, please take the opportunity to read the scriptures and reflect on what they might be saying to you.

April 2020 includes Easter. So, we have both the immediate build up when Jesus enters Jerusalem, Good Friday, the Resurrection and then what happens next…

bible readings and study

Lectio Divina

With us all being at home more due to Covid-19, it’s an opportunity to reconsider how best we spend our time. The ancient practice of Lectio Divina is something worth considering as we search for the holy in the midst of the everyday.

Very simply put, Lectio Divina is the act of praying with the Bible. But we do so in a very active way with our mind and heart open to God. It assumes that God speaks to us through the scriptures in the unique circumstances of our lives, responding in new ways each time.

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