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Lent Bible Studies: Rehearsing Scripture

Lent Bible Studies: Rehearsing Scripture

For our Lent Bible Studies this year we will be following a fascinating approach to looking at Scripture.

This will be based on work done by Anna Carter Florence, in her book ‘Rehearsing Scripture’, which really encourages us to encounter and experience the Bible passages together.

We’ll be meeting throughout Lent at Christ Church Hall on Thursday afternoons from 2pm and Monday evenings at 150 Walmersley Road from 7.30pm.

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Being disciples – Advent Bible study

Being disciples – Advent Bible study

Our Advent Bible studies this year will be based on Rowan Williams’ book, ‘Being Disciples’.

The book was described by the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, asĀ ”Here is quite the most beautiful writing on discipleship I know. I am grateful for the inspiration that I find in these pages. I commend it to those who have been on this journey a long time, as well as to anyone who wonders what on earth following Jesus is all about.”

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