Lent Bible Studies: Rehearsing Scripture

Lent Bible Studies: Rehearsing Scripture

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For our Lent Bible Studies this year we will be following a fascinating approach to looking at Scripture. This will be based on work done by Anna Carter Florence, in her book ‘Rehearsing Scripture‘, which really encourages us to get into the script as we encounter and experience the Bible passages together.

We’ll be meeting throughout Lent at Christ Church Hall on Thursday afternoons from 2pm and Monday evenings at 150 Walmersley Road from 7.30pm. The first sessions will be on 7th March and 11th March respectively.

[NOTE: The last session on Monday April 15th will be from 8pm in the Chapel at St John’s so that people can attend the evening service]

Fresh insights

We’re taking some very familiar passages and hoping to get fresh insights and connections that we’ve perhaps never appreciated before.

  1. Noah – Genesis 6:9-22
  2. Ezekiel and the dry bones – Ezekiel 37:1-14
  3. The Annunciation of Mary – Luke 1:26-38
  4. Adam and Eve – Genesis 3:1-10
  5. Acts of the Apostles – selected chapters
  6. Moses and the burning bush – Exodus 3:1-14

And we have a message from the author, Anna Carter Florence: “Let me know how the Lenten groups fare; I’m eager to hear what folks come up with, as they use and adapt the material… Grace and peace to you.”

So, if you don’t normally come along then please give it a try. We’ll be learning together so expect some fun along the way as we get to grips with it!

[Book cover image used with the kind permission of the author, Anna Carter Florence. For our Advent 2018 Bible Studies, ‘Being Disciples’, please press here. For more about St John with St Mark, Bury please follow this link.]


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