sermon keith trivasse


Old Trafford has a number of places of worship. Our banns were heard at St Hilda’s, Old Trafford. But far and away the largest place of worship has thousands of adherents.

Every Saturday, or thereabouts, they gather to chant devotion to their god. At times they will invite the leader of the worship, dressed in black, to improve his eyesight. They cheer whenever the team in red puts the ball into the net.

Yes, football’s god is alive and well in Old Trafford. The fans do go there, they cheer the team, they wear red and they identify, they identify with the team of Manchester United.

sermon keith trivasse

The gospels

There are four gospels in the bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Three are similar to each other: Matthew, Mark and Luke. One is very different: John.

Why are there four gospels that are so different and so similar in the case of three?

Historically, this is because of cultural areas that differed and shared documents. But in terms of grace and providence, we have events that are so profound we need to be able to look at them with single lights making a blaze of light that we might understand, and trust, and believe.

sermon keith trivasse

Hebrews to Dominic

Faith, says Hebrews, ‘gives substance to our hopes and makes us certain of realities we do not see’.

We have not seen Jesus, unless we have had a vision. We have not seen Jesus but at some level, in some way we believe in him and trust in him and see him as our friend and saviour.

And we cannot see God the Father, yet we can envisage God as our Creator and the one who breathes life into us.

We cannot see the Spirit. All we can do is to believe in the power of the Spirit, have faith in that power, and live.

sermon keith trivasse

Emancipate yourself from slavery

Church is actually a school for freedom. We are free to do as we will, but we have to do that in community. So we have to learn to be free and love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Church is the community where we learn this.

This means that sometimes church is boring, tedious, other times it is bursting with excitement. It all depends…on each other and how we are. But all the time we are wrestling with how to live freely and in community.