Being discerning

Being discerning

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The cartoon below by Dave Walker originally appeared in the Church Times. It can also be found in the book The Exciting World of Churchgoing, available from all good retailers… It appears here with Dave’s kind permission.

The cartoon seemed appropriate as we think about what ‘being church’ means for us. We all have different callings. Some of that happens on a Sunday but mostly it’s what we do during the week that can make all the difference.

For more on this, please see the ‘Setting God’s People free‘ report and some of our initial thoughts at Cafe Church.

Back to the cartoon, it’s just as well that we don’t have a similar process of selection to be a warden or a treasurer or a member of the congregation!


Where can I find another cartoon?

For more great work please visit Dave Walker’s site:

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  1. Hi everyone at St John and St Mark, Bury! This is a favourite cartoon and one of two that I chose to have made into a tea towel. It took quite a bit of research and is based, approximately anyway, on reality. Thanks for using my work on your site – it is much appreciated.

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