June 2019 magazine

June 2019 magazine

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Attached is our June 2019 magazine. In it you’ll find articles on the fantastic Open Group talk by Jim Metcalf on Community Action Nepal, our Benefice Boundary walk and updates from the very active Mothers’ Union.

We also look forward to the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ season which runs from Ascension to Pentecost. Plus there are prayers and meditations, news and reports. And we have a busy time coming up with our summer fair, a coffee morning, a light lunch and an afternoon tea.

The ‘letter’ this month is from our Vicar, Dave Thompson…

The path that leads to the Father

Have you heard the story about the frog who lived all his life in a well? One day he was surprised to see another frog there. “Where have you come from?” he asked. “From the sea. That’s where I live” said the other. “What’s the sea like? Is it as big as my well?” The sea frog laughed. “There’s no comparison!” he said. The well frog pretended to be interested in what his visitor had to say but he thought to himself, “Of all the liars I have known this one is undoubtedly the greatest – and the most shameless.”

As we approach the feasts of Ascension Day, Pentecost and Trinity we wonder about their impact on our faith and witness. The three events are telling us about various aspects of God.

  • Jesus at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us
  • The Spirit that allays our loneliness and lethargy, teaching us about
  • The Father and how His love changes our lives.

The church seeks to open our minds to the things of God, pointing to Him, encouraging us to find Him who is immeasurable, know Him who is unknowable. How can the finite grasp anything about the infinite? How can we describe the indescribable?

We tend to forget that we do not approach God through our own efforts – it is He who comes to us in whatever way He knows suits us best. We look to follow the traditional pattern of being “taken, blessed, broken and given away.”

That is the way of Christ and in the Spirit’s strength we too can experience that way – the path that leads to our loving Father.

May God be with you as you travel that way, today and always. Dave

[Follow this link for more about St John and St Mark, Bury. If you want to pick up a hard-copy version of our June 2019 magazine then we would love to see you in church! For the bumper July and August magazine please follow this link]


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