March 2023 magazine

March 2023 magazine

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Please find a link to the digital version of our March 2023 magazine. Paper copies are available at our two churches from this Sunday.

This Lent edition covers updates from many of our groups as well as news from the wider Mission Community of which we are part. The March 2023 magazine also contains this first-time letter from David Robinson…

Make the most of this Lent

Greetings friends, and welcome to our March 2023 Magazine.

I should start by saying what a privilege it is to write the letter for the first time. When the Interregnum began, it was felt that we could use this as an opportunity to have a different person to occasionally fill this space, so I hope that my inaugural letter will be appreciated and provide some benefit.

The timing of Easter this year means that the entire month of March runs through the season of Lent; a season of solemnity and abstinence. I should confess that the opportunity to avoid the indulgences and pleasures we enjoy during the rest of the year is very difficult for me, and there is usually little in the way of solemnity in my household, owing to the number of celebrations that occur.

It starts with my Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary on 24th February; my own Birthday is on 6th March; my Mum’s and sister’s Birthdays are both on Annunciation Day (25th); Mothering Sunday will always fall around this time; and with the feast of Easter, it is traditional for it to be a month of celebration, indulgence and continuous differing greetings cards around the house. I am sure we have occasionally had the odd St. Patrick’s Day decoration or card as well! It is also worth acknowledging that March brings other joys, with signs of spring, improving weather and increased daylight, enjoyed more so after the starkness of January and February.

Away from home

I have recently read the autobiography of Selwyn Hughes, a preacher, minister and a global giant of faith. Early on, he was advised that his ministry journey would occasionally take him away from home, and that there would be a sense of expectation to occasionally cut things out of your life which you love. Most of you will have noticed that I have not been at home very much myself recently; my home church that is.

As part of my discernment process for Ordination, it has been necessary for me to cut out of my life the regular Sunday service I have attended for so many years here. I have been at St. Peter’s, Bury, and have greatly valued the time I have spent there, enjoying different styles of worship and sharing fellowship and prayer time with faithful and enthusiastic people.


That time has now come to an end though,and I am back with you to journey through this season of Lent. Have you thought what you are going to ‘cut out’ of your life this season? I expect the traditional list springs to mind; your favourite tipple, your favourite chocolate bar, or your weekly night out. Let
us not forget though that Lent is not just about cutting out. For those of you who find it difficult to give something up, then please remember that Lent is also an opportunity to do a bit more. You may wish to spend more time in prayer or bible reading; attend an extra worship service during the week; you may find a Lent course nearby or online, consider giving a little more to charity by saving your loose change, or like me, you may find it helpful to attend a different Church once or twice. You may also wish to benefit from the extra opportunities which March has to bring, by making the most of the better weather and increased daylight and, as you are able, perhaps a walk around the local Lido or countryside.

However you choose to spend this Lent season, I pray that you will all find refreshment and benefit, as we prepare to celebrate the Easter feast and our Lord’s resurrection.

Yours in Christ, David

[Many thanks to Nina Garman for the March 2023 magazine cover image which can be found on]


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