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#MoreThanSunday is being launched by Manchester Diocese on 1 July 2019. The aim is to help grow our faith and increase our discipleship 7 days a week i.e. not just Sunday! Please sign-up at www.manchester.anglican.org/more-than-Sunday/ to take part.

By signing up to #MoreThanSunday, you will receive a monthly email. This will contain a reflection and a Bible quote relevant to a theme that will be different each month. There will also be a link to a podcast featuring local people who have insights to share.

By lay people for lay people

Created by lay people for lay people, #MoreThanSunday is a response to the Church of England’s call to ‘Set God’s People Free’. It encourages Christians to live out their faith every day. So, not just by attending church on a Sunday. And you don’t have to live in Manchester to take part!

Here’s an example podcast on worship: https://soundcloud.com/user-77623044/morethansunday-worship

Canon Nick Smeeton, said, “Each week tens of thousands of people attend church in our diocese. If each one of us was better equipped and more confident to share our faith we could start to re-evangelise our communities and generate significant growth: numerically and spiritually. I believe that #MoreThanSunday will help us do just that.”

Something for everyone

The Bishop of Manchester, Dr David Walker said “The Year of Discipleship has something for everyone to help grow our faith, increase our engagement with our communities, and connect us with other Christians who share our discipleship journey. I hope that whole church communities, as well as individuals, will sign up to #MoreThanSunday so that we can support one another as we journey together and grow in confidence as disciples and evangelists.”

Bishop David Walker – leaning on a lamp-post…

Please share your discipleship journey using the hashtag #MoreThanSunday. Plus you can also join the MoreThanSunday Facebook Group for support and encouragement.


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