November 2021 magazine

November 2021 magazine

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Please find a link here to our November 2021 magazine, a hard copy of which is available in our two churches:

Inside this edition there is a tribute to our friend and longstanding church member, Bob Keir, who died recently. There is also news, views and reflections.

The November 2021 magazine also contains these thoughts from Margery Spencer…

Nostalgia or Remembrance?

Earlier this week we had a surprise visit from someone who used to be our neighbour forty years ago but has since moved to live in Edinburgh. We spent a happy hour catching up on family news and reminiscing about shared experiences. It was a happy time and even after she had left I was still remembering events from years ago.

On one occasion she and her husband were coming to us for a meal on Saturday night. During the afternoon her young daughter aged about six came into our kitchen and watched me preparing a lasagne with sheets of green spinach pasta. She went home and suggested to her mother that they didn’t come for a meal as I was making “Seaweed Trifle”. Needless to say, lasagne has been seaweed trifle in our family ever since. Wonderful memories which brightened my day.

November is a month full of remembrance. We will remember the gunpowder plot with bonfires, guys and fireworks. On All Souls’ Day we remember those in our family who have died. How poignant that will be this year for those who have lost loved ones to Covid. A special service will be held at St John with St Mark two days earlier on Sunday, 31 October.

Day of the Dead

In Latin America they have “The Day of the Dead” when they honour those who have died by making and eating food they liked. In the case of my mother-in-law I would have had to make Courting Cake, and for my mother currant slice would be appropriate. For my father it would have to be bacon with crispy fried onions. I dread to think when the time comes what my children would make in remembrance of me. Seaweed Trifle perhaps? Some of our memories of those who have died will be happy, while others will provoke sadness, but our lives will be richer for them.

November 11 is a time of collective remembrance of those killed or injured in war, particularly in the First and Second World Wars, but also in more recent conflicts. We will wear our poppies to show that we remember their sacrifice and we will keep two minutes silence as a mark of respect.

Do this in remembrance

Jesus asks us to act in remembrance. At the last supper he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19. Each Sunday in church we fulfil his request as we share in the Eucharist.

Remembrance is important so that we do not forget what has happened in the past. But it is important that from remembrance stems action.

It is not enough to say we remember those who died in wars if we do not work for peace, if we do not support organisations which help those damaged in war, or if in our prayers we do not remember the peacemakers.

And if we remember Jesus each Sunday in the sharing of bread and wine, then from Monday to Saturday our lives must reflect his teaching, our actions follow his commandments and our relationships with others be based in love.

It is important that we remember however that it must not simply be nostalgia, but be followed by action.

Let us not forget.

Blessings, Margery

Many thanks to Klemen Vrankar for the cover photo on Unsplash


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