October 2020 church magazine

October 2020 church magazine

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Here’s a link to our October 2020 church magazine:

What’s in it?

There are features on Harvest and Church for a Different World – which includes a letter from the Bishop of Manchester. Also updates from Mothers’ Union and the Walking Group. Plus prayers, reflections and news of upcoming services and events.

Our October 2020 church magazine also contains this letter from Margery…

Keep calm and carry on

As I write this I have been watching the commemorations of the Battle of Britain, a time when the country was under considerable attack and its safety was in the hands of a few brave pilots and their back up staff. Although I was alive at the time, I cannot remember much about it, but it was a time of anxiety for everyone. Much like today. There was the slogan: Keep calm and carry on!

It is hard to believe that we have been living under a shadow of anxiety for 6 months and will continue to do so. Way back at the end of March did we really think that it would last so long? Alan was sure that it would all be over by his birthday in July. He got that wrong.


At first there was novelty. Our lives changed but we were given opportunities to do things we had neglected. In the first weeks I washed every window in the house and emptied and tidied cupboards, acquiring a load of plastic bags full of clothing to take to charities. The novelty soon wore off and my more lackadaisical approach to housework returned. Alan, however, did keep up with his gardening and we have enjoyed the fruits of his labours in flowers and vegetables.

Our eldest daughter has an allotment some 200 yards from her home and although she has been working in the hospital throughout the lockdown she has had to find time to keep on top of it. “If I don’t, the bindweed will take over and we will have no harvest and next year will be a disaster.”

Farmers will have had to keep going in order to bring in their harvests and prepare for next year.

Giving thanks

We will celebrate Harvest in church in a few weeks, giving thanks for all that we receive, and the food we give to Porch Boxes is even more important to help those affected financially by the crisis. But I suspect the church service will be very different: no music, no singing, and no refreshments after the service.

Changed circumstances necessitate change but we have to keep going on with the important things to provide for the future.

It is important that we keep the important elements of our church life going to sustain our faith and our service to others. Like the population in 1940 we must Keep Calm and Carry On!

Prayer, worship, care and trust
  • Praying
    • for all those affected by the virus, in hospital or at home;
    • for all those key workers ensuring that life can go on;
    • for those working to find a vaccine;
    • for those suffering from loss of employment or income;
  • Worshipping
    • so that we may have the strength to love and serve;
    • so that we can support each other;
    • so that we can hear God’s message to us;
  • Caring
    • for those in our community in need;
  • Trusting
    • in the love of God, which will strengthen and support us and from which nothing can separate us.

May we all know the love of God at this time.

Yours in Christ, Margery

For the September 2020 magazine please follow this link.


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