Our new sermon archive

Our new sermon archive

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We think sermons are a really important part of our church services. We’d like to share them with those who couldn’t be there on the day or with those who would like to think more about what they heard.

Sermon archive

So we have a new sermon archive section on the website! We’ll still add new sermons as posts to the home page. After a while though they’ll get removed to give space for other new posts. So the archive allows us to keep all the sermons together and accessible for longer.

Click on the tab on the right hand side in the main header and it takes you to all the sermons that we have in store.

sermon archive

Anything that you see in orange can then be clicked on. So you can go direct to the sermon of your choice. Or you could search on all the sermons that we have by a particular preacher, or at a particular type of service, or in a particular church season. You get the idea!

Bible reference

An extra feature is a link to the scripture. Just hover the mouse over where you see ‘passage’ to see the verses which are being referenced.

sermons archive bible passage

Let us know

Once you’ve got to the end of the sermon there’s the option to download the preacher’s notes. Or you could search on sermons about the same topics.

It would also be a great encouragement to those preaching if you’d give some feedback in the comment section. Enjoy!

sermons archive comment and topics

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