Setting God’s People Free – Cafe Church 2018

Setting God’s People Free – Cafe Church 2018

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Cafe Church

Our Cafe Church services in 2018 will have a common theme. They will look at a groundbreaking report produced for the Archbishops’ Council. This is called ‘Setting God’s People Free‘.

Cafe Church meets in the hall around once a quarter. It’s a more informal way of meeting together and allows us more opportunity to discuss and explore than we would in a typical church service. As the name suggests, there’s food and drink available too!

Setting God’s people free

To quote…

‘The Setting God’s People Free report identifies the need for two shifts in culture and practice that we see as critical to the flourishing of the Church and the evangelisation of the nation.
1. Until, together, ordained and lay, we form and equip lay people to follow Jesus confidently in every sphere of life in ways that demonstrate the Gospel we will never set God’s people free to evangelise the nation.
2. Until laity and clergy are convinced, based on their baptismal mutuality, that they are equal in worth and status, complementary in gifting and vocation, mutually accountable in discipleship, and equal partners in mission, we will never form Christian communities that can evangelise the nation.

Now that should be a really interesting series of discussions…


The St John with St Mark Cafe Church in 2018 will be: 8th April, 17th June, 2nd September and 16th December. Services start at 10.30am. They will be led by Cath Hilton and Ian Banks. So, please come along if you want to engage in this incredibly important subject.

Visit this Church of England site for more information. To see the full report please follow this link: Setting God’s People Free

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