Solidarity Christmas Party

Solidarity Christmas Party

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On the second Saturday of each month we host a Solidarity party in our church hall. This is an opportunity for refugees, asylum seekers and local people to get together and enjoy each others company.

On Saturday 14th December they had their Christmas Party and the letter below is from Solidarity’s Sue Arnall…

Christmas Party

“Solidarity had a wonderful Christmas Party, thanks to funding from Autotrader and Forever Manchester, the kindness of St John & St Mark’s Church and the amazing hard work of our 20 volunteers!

We welcomed over 150 guests to join us for fun and games, for a hot meal and to meet the Mayor and Mayoress, Trevor and Evelyn – and Father Christmas in his amazing grotto.  He gave out over 100 Christmas presents (we lost count after that and had to find more from kind donations from St John with St Mark’s friends, and other prizes donated for the games) whilst our amazing volunteers kept the children dancing, playing pass the parcel and having a wonderful time together all afternoon. 

Thank you!

Thank you to Linda, Aaron, Yasmin, Eglantina and Lindita and to Santa and his helpers for organising the queue and then finding the extra presents!

Thanks to all the volunteers in the kitchen and serving the food who deserve medals too!  We had delicious donations of 5 different rices, sauces, salads, samosas, home made snacks and cakes, chicken and salmon, and of course pizzas.  Our guests brought their favourite food to share and so we all tucked in to a feast! 

It was a wonderful day of seeing old and new friends, sharing the chaos and the fun together, and celebrating the solidarity with friends from over 17 different countries.  WELL DONE EVERYONE.

The next Solidarity party is on Saturday 11th January 1 – 4 pm”

Sue Arnall

For more on Solidarity and Eagles Wing please take a look at this post. Solidarity are also one of the charities to which we give an annual financial gift of support. This goes to their hardship fund to help the most vulnerable.


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