april 2020 magazine

April 2020 Magazine

Here’s our April 2020 magazine.

Obviously with Covid-19 and all the restrictions, the magazine is a bit different to normal. There’s not much ‘what’s on’ to tell you about! But it does give us more space for reflections and prayer. There are also suggestions for worship from home.

But with all that’s going on, let’s not forget it’s Easter!

bible readings and study

April 2020 Bible Readings

Here are the April 2020 Bible readings. Since none of us, at least here in the UK, are likely to be in a church building this month, please take the opportunity to read the scriptures and reflect on what they might be saying to you.

April 2020 includes Easter. So, we have both the immediate build up when Jesus enters Jerusalem, Good Friday, the Resurrection and then what happens next…

april magazine

April 2019 magazine

At last! It’s April and finally Easter is here. The eggs started to appear in the shops almost as soon as January began. It has been a long haul!

I noticed in a certain large supermarket a notice reminding customers that Easter was on 21st April – and that was at the beginning of March.

They must have been worried that after nearly two months of eggs on the shelves customers would be getting concerned about sell-by dates and/or whether, after all this time, they might have missed Easter altogether!