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Prayers for peace

Prayers for peace

A small group from St John with St Mark joined the well attended Prayers for Peace service at the Ukrainian Church on June 23rd, 2019.

Tens of thousands have died in the conflict with many more displaced from their homes.

The situation in Ukraine is a sombre one. But this was a wonderful service with representatives from different Christian traditions and nationalities. The hymns were in English and Ukrainian as we worshiped together surrounded by Eastern Orthodox paintings and icons.

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Prayer for peace in Ukraine

Prayer for peace in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Church on Bury Old Road is inviting Christians from all traditions to join them in prayers for peace.

The postcode for the church is M7 4PX.

The service will take place on Sunday 23rd June at 3pm.

It will be supported by the Right Reverend John Arnold, Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford. Also helping will be Reverend Karen Lund, Anglican Archdeacon of Manchester, along with other church leaders.

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