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Thank You!

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We just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for visiting our site this year!

We’re a small church in Bury, Lancashire, just north of Manchester. But over half the people who have come to our website and have read our posts have come from outside the UK.

Overall, we’ve had visitors from 142 different countries this year and our top 10 countries are:

  1. UK
  2. US
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Canada
  6. Nigeria
  7. Japan
  8. Brazil
  9. South Africa
  10. Australia

There are a few countries that we’ve not reached yet though in 2022. So, if you know anyone in Paraguay, South Sudan or Turkmenistan, then please let them know about us!

What you’ve read

For the most part, we post about what’s going on in and around our church and community, as well as putting up many of the sermons preached on a Sunday. Our top 5 posts read by you this year have mostly been from a few years ago:

  • Emancipate yourself from mental slavery – a sermon preached by Keith Trivasse back in 2018, that borrowed a line from Bob Marley! We have a sneaky feeling that might have something to do with the number of hits…
  • Jigsaw by Lawrence Kushner – from 2019. A poem which speaks of our interconnectedness and the sometimes unknown impact that we have on others.
  • The Eagles Wing – this was an update on our friends at the charitable organisation based in our home town who work alongside asylum seekers and refugees.
  • The slave girl and Naaman – a sermon from Ian Banks in 2019, seeking to put into today’s context the passage in the Bible from 2 Kings 5.
  • I thank thee God – a sermon from 2020, preached by Cath Hilton, based on a poem by Elizabeth Craven.

Hovering just outside the top 5, but gaining ground fast, is Three Wise Women from earlier this year, which wonders if our nativity plays, and artists down the centuries, have necessarily got things right…

So, thank you once again! Please let us know via the Contact page if you have any comments or if there’s anything that you’d like us to cover.


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