Open Group in Autumn

Open Group in Autumn

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September – Nigel Silvester

The Open Group resumes on Wednesday 12th September after its Summer recess. First up is Nigel, who amongst other things leads our Sunday@Seven worship. He’s given us the working title of ‘Tales of a Scilly man’ so there’s a fighting chance that we might hear something about his heritage and love of the sea. If pressed he may perhaps even share something about comedian Dave Allen with whom he was acquainted…

October – Linda, sorry, Dave Thompson

Next up is Linda on Wednesday 10th October. Linda has guided us through some great craft projects and hand-made Christmas card creation in the past and we’re sure to be in for an active, creative, scissor and glue-based evening. No glitter though please Linda! It’s a heck of a job getting it off the carpet.

November – Paul Sanderson

Paul will be taking theĀ  Open Group session on Wednesday 14th November. He’s entitled his evening as ‘Myself and my story so far’. This year Paul has been ministering to and with St Stephen’s, Elton so in addition to his long walks that story has an extra chapter for us to hear about.

December – Christmas Party

We’ll be having our Christmas ‘do’ on Wednesday 12th December from 7pm. No sit down meal this time but wine, nibbles, quizzes, a beetle drive and June’s trifle!

Open to all

As the name of the Open Group suggests the evening is open to all. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month. It starts at 7.30pm and normally lasts just over an hour with a brew and a chat at the end. One of the sessions is usually a Craft Night, hence the photo above. But most evenings are listening to speakers, either visitors or people from our own congregation.

If you’ve not been before, go on, give it a try!


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