nigel silvester sermon


This is challenging stuff.

It is clear that ticking-over is not an option. To achieve the Vision we do need to change gear from just maintaining what we have and to move into mission mode.

That means that as church we need to do more than turn up for worship on a Sunday. It means, among other things, telling people outside of here about God’s love; it means finding opportunities to recruit new Christians and to help them grow in the faith – and it means doing our bit to change the world!

nigel silvester sermon

Christmas Star

We can learn that each of us has something to offer in service to progress God’s kingdom. It may not be immediately apparent; it may be hidden beneath the surface; but there will be something to offer in each one of us.

Maybe, like Joseph, a word from God will come to us and it will make us change our view on something; change our mind on a particular course of action; give us a new and different outlook.

time is in your hands

My time is in your hands

Our next Sunday@Seven service is December 29th in the hall at Christ Church Walmersley. The theme is ‘My time is in your hands’, which is taken from Psalm 31.

Sunday@Seven is an opportunity to sing and pray in a more informal setting than the usual Sunday and weekday church services. It’s led by Nigel Silvester, our Authorised Lay Minister and Cath Hilton.

nigel silvester sermon

Christ the King

Jesus the king wore a crown of thorns; his throne was a cross; his royal banner a scribbled sign.

This is the gospel image of royalty; the king and a criminal going together into paradise. This is the king we believe in; the king we celebrate and whose values we are pledged to live by.

May his kingdom come. May we be accepting of his authority in our lives and may we serve him. Jesus – Christ the King

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