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When we pray 2

In our present circumstances we cannot be physically together but perhaps instead of watching Countryfile on Sunday evening, you might follow the attached service and we can be Sunday@Seven in our own homes, in some way, together.

You will see that I had planned for us to look at prayer under three headings which I called “The Big Ask”; “Praying for others” and “ Getting to know you”.

nigel silvester sermon

Be curious

People have always looked up at mountains and hills.

Maybe it’s because they are there – you can’t miss them – they stand out. They look strong and majestic. And when you get to go up to the top of the mountain or hill you look again and see for miles – you can see further than from down on the lowland.

You get a new and wider perspective.

nigel silvester sermon


This is challenging stuff.

It is clear that ticking-over is not an option. To achieve the Vision we do need to change gear from just maintaining what we have and to move into mission mode.

That means that as church we need to do more than turn up for worship on a Sunday. It means, among other things, telling people outside of here about God’s love; it means finding opportunities to recruit new Christians and to help them grow in the faith – and it means doing our bit to change the world!

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