sunday@seven approaching easter

Approaching Easter – S@S

Our next Sunday@Seven service will be on March 31st, meeting together in the Barritt room in St John’s Hall.

The theme this time is: ‘Approaching Easter’ and we will be looking at some of the events leading up to Easter.

Of course the technical term for this period is Lent. As someone once said “Lent is from the Latin word meaning giving stuff up and not banging on about it!”

march 2019 magazine

March 2019 magazine

Here’s our March 2019 magazine.

The hard copy version is available in both our churches, St John and St Mark’s Bury and Christ Church Walmersley.

If you want to come and pick one up then we’d love to see you!

It includes news and views as well as prayers, reflections and what’s on. There’s a special piece on John Wesley and an advert at the end for our Lent Bible Studies

lent bible studies rehearsing scripture

Lent Bible Studies: Rehearsing Scripture

For our Lent Bible Studies this year we will be following a fascinating approach to looking at Scripture.

This will be based on work done by Anna Carter Florence, in her book ‘Rehearsing Scripture’, which really encourages us to encounter and experience the Bible passages together.

We’ll be meeting throughout Lent at Christ Church Hall on Thursday afternoons from 2pm and Monday evenings at 150 Walmersley Road from 7.30pm.

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