sermon margery spencer

Turning points

I don’t know if you have made any new year resolutions? I haven’t.

From past experience, intentions to eat more healthily, take more exercise and, in the past, to stop smoking would all be consigned to the rubbish bin by January 4th.

The beginning of a New Year has never proved a turning point in my life. But turning points there have been and sometimes when I was least expecting them.

walking group

Sculpture trail and reservoirs

During December 2018 and January 2019 our Walmersley Road Walking Group were involved in two walks, both of which we have done before, but were ideal for the shorter days and winter months.

In December we took the Metrolink to Manchester Victoria station and begun our walk back along sections of the Irwell Sculpture Trail.

In January we explored the three reservoirs of Bolton: Jumbles, Wayoh and Turton & Entwistle.

sermon ralph mallinson

Journeys – Epiphany 2019

In the words of our Bishop in the January issue of the CRUX magazine, I’d like to challenge us at this Epiphany-tide, and the start of a New Year, to take the story of the Magi as a metaphor for our own journey with God. 

We may feel that we have arrived with our faith exactly where we planned it to be.  But I suspect that, for the vast majority of us, God has some further steps he would urge us to take.

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