boundary walk

Boundary walk

As is now traditional for May, the Walking Group met on the first Saturday to ‘beat the bounds’, i.e. walking the full boundary of both Parishes and reflecting at various points on the route.

We were also pleased to be joined by Heidi, Lisa and Natasha, who were in training for a 26-miler later in the year.

This year we took the opportunity to pause for silent prayer and reflection at particular areas and sites of significance.

thy kingdom come

Light up the world – S@S

Our next Sunday@Seven service is May 26th. We’ll be meeting again at the hall in Christ Church. The theme is ‘Light up the world’ which is the strap-line from Thy Kingdom Come.

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. It’s an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

We will have both churches open for morning and evening prayer during Thy Kingdom Come, which runs 11 days from May 30th.

sermons by ian banks

The heavens declare

At our last Sunday@Seven I was given a two minute slot to say something about Psalm 19. Think of it as a speed sermon!

The intention is to have an ‘open mic’ section in future Sunday@Seven services for anyone who feels led to share a word or two, either prepared or off the cuff.

Sunday@Seven services are normally on the last Sunday of the month. We’d love to see you. Check out the calendar for the location or look out for the posts.

sermon margery spencer

Seeing is believing – or is it?

Seeing is believing – or is it? Do we believe everything we read in the newspapers or see on television or on film? Not always and rightly so.

You only have to see what can be done to a digital photograph using the latest computer technology to know that the old adage “What can’t speak can’t lie” is no longer true.

Why was Thomas slower than the other disciples to believe? Initially, he was not with the other disciples in the upper room. Perhaps he had taken himself off after the crucifixion, fearful, his expectations shattered, experiencing guilt that Jesus had died alone?

May 2019 magazine

May 2019 church magazine

Here’s our May magazine.

There are articles here on the recent Muslim Christian Forum and details of the walk around our Benefice Boundary. This is about 12 miles long and will take place on Saturday May 4th. There’s also all the normal news, views and diary dates.

A particularly special date is Wednesday 8th May when Jim Metcalf will be talking to the Open Group about his work with Community Action Nepal.

This is a charity founded by Doug Scott CBE. Jim will also be sharing some of his stunning mountain photography. Please do come along and bring a friend.

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