It's summer Sunday@Seven

It’s summer – S@S

Our next Sunday@Seven service is July 28th. The theme this time is ‘It’s Summer…let’s sing!’

We shall be singing some of our favourite songs and hymns. Please let Nigel know, either directly, or via the contact page, which ones you like.

As a one-off, we’ll be meeting in the church at Christ Church, rather than in the hall.

prayers for peace ukraine

Prayers for peace

A small group from St John with St Mark joined the well attended Prayers for Peace service at the Ukrainian Church on June 23rd, 2019.

Tens of thousands have died in the conflict with many more displaced from their homes.

The situation in Ukraine is a sombre one. But this was a wonderful service with representatives from different Christian traditions and nationalities. The hymns were in English and Ukrainian as we worshiped together surrounded by Eastern Orthodox paintings and icons.



#MoreThanSunday is being launched by Manchester Diocese on 1 July 2019. The aim is to help grow our faith and increase our discipleship 7 days a week.

By signing up, you will receive a monthly email. This will contain a reflection and a Bible quote relevant to a theme that will be different each month.

There will also be a link to a podcast featuring local people who have an insight to share.

tesco bags of help

Blue tokens at Tesco

St John with St Mark School has been chosen by Tesco Bury this month as one of their projects in their Bags of Help scheme.

If they get the most tokens then they will receive £4000 towards improvements to their Early Years Outdoor Playground.

Please support the school by asking for your blue tokens when you shop – and put it in their collection box.

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