sermon keith trivasse

The gospels

There are four gospels in the bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Three are similar to each other: Matthew, Mark and Luke. One is very different: John.

Why are there four gospels that are so different and so similar in the case of three?

Historically, this is because of cultural areas that differed and shared documents. But in terms of grace and providence, we have events that are so profound we need to be able to look at them with single lights making a blaze of light that we might understand, and trust, and believe.

Bury FC Football Club

Bury FC – lessons for the church?

Bill Shankly famously said “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I can assure them it is much more serious than that”

Seeing the reactions of followers of Bury FC over recent days gives credence to that point of view.

It comes home to you that football supporters do have a great sense of community, of belonging, of common identity, of being in fellowship, in a family.

sermon ralph mallinson

St Bartholomew and the PoW

In a book written some 50 years ago, the Editor quotes a poem written on the wall of a prison cell by an English Prisoner of War. It was written before his execution. In it he unites himself to his suffering Redeemer and prays for his murderers.

This poem is all we know of that heroic martyr. We have no idea of his name or anything else about him. This is a bit like St Bartholomew. We know his name, for he is mentioned in the list of apostles in the first three gospels, but that is absolutely all we know.

september magazine

September 2019 magazine

Here’s our packed September 2019 magazine.

There’s a lot going on in the Walmersley Benefice at the moment and you’ll find plenty of news about upcoming events.

There are also articles from the Walking Group, Open Group and Mothers’ Union. But there’s space too for prayer and reflection – plus some celebratory photos (including the one above with Vivienne and Barry being photo-bombed by the Bishop).

sermons by ian banks

You gotta have faith(fulness)

My Mum’s family were very keen on taking and keeping photos. Her Dad wasn’t the greatest photographer though and most of them have the top of the heads chopped off, or half a person to one side, or a finger part-way over the lens. However, these photos were precious and kept in a box rather than thrown away.

And I have a family album kept by my mum’s great-grandparents. They are studio photos, some of which must have been taken not long after photography became commercially available in the mid to late 19th Century…

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