sermons by ian banks

We don’t go alone

Can I ask all the men and boys in the congregation to stand up please if you’re able?

If you’re 80 years or older then please sit down again. If you’re 69 or younger, then please sit down.

And if we’ve all got our maths right, that should leave us with men in their seventies. So, can I borrow you up at the front here for a few minutes please?

eagles wing come as strangers stay as friends eagles solidarity

Eagles Wing update

Eagles Wing are a mutual support group for asylum seekers and local people in Bury, Lancashire. Their aim is to befriend newcomers to our town. Old friends can make sure that no one is lonely and isolated when they arrive here.

This is an update to our post in October 2019 on Eagles Wing since some details have now changed.

gary anderton sermon

We are prepared

Jesus shared this story to give us our own template on how we can also resist temptation. He taught us which tools we can use, the words of God. To be prepared for when it comes our way, when we are vulnerable.

When we’re tired, hungry, thirsty, unhappy, grieving with God we are prepared. When we long for the things that we don’t have or when least expecting it, with God we are prepared.

sermons by ian banks

Sit somewhere different

He walked down one of the narrow streets then hesitated a moment before entering the potter’s shed.

First, he was hit by the smell of wet clay. Then the sound of the wheel turning. He saw the bowl of water, the liquid clay on the hands.

As he sat beside the potter, slowly he noticed the effort involved in keeping the clay in place on the wheel and the subtlety of pressure by different parts of the hand.

He began to understand the testing of the potter’s creativity. The accuracy. The love.

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