sermon gill barnett

The Greatest Event

The World Cup is full of many different stories and emotions and people have opinions about players and managers, fouls, penalties – you will hardly fail to get a reaction if you mention the World Cup in your local, even if it’s a negative one.  Not many people are indifferent.  And, because of the time and investment in all sorts of ways that people make in it, alongside the Olympics; it can rightly be classed as ‘The Greatest Event in the World.’ 

July & August magazine

July & August Magazine

Jesus took to the sea and to the hills when he needed time to rest, to reflect on his life’s journey. We all need to do that and if we are able to spend a little time in different surroundings it really does help our perspective on where we are at. It doesn’t have to be a fortnight sailing around the Mediterranean – a day or two on retreat at Formby can be just as rewarding.

sermon ralph mallinson

John the Baptist & Daphni

In a suburb of Athens there is an orthodox monastery called Daphni. The church is laid out like most orthodox churches, in the shape of the cross. Over the top of the cross is a dome and within the dome is a marvellous mosaic.  In the mosaic, Christ is depicted as Lord of the Universe, looking down over all. Wherever you are situated within the church His eyes seem to follow you. It’s rather unsettling!

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