nigel silvester sermon

What’s important to you?

What is important to you? What is worth fighting for? What would make you be determined and persistent, not give up on, not be put off until you got it sorted?

Is there something that you are so passionate about that you would stick with it and be prepared to struggle for as long as it takes? What would make you like a terrier who has got a shoe in his teeth and won’t let go?

sermons by ian banks

The servant girl and Naaman

Into the story comes a tiny, unnamed, Israelite slave girl.

She would have been on the bottom rung of society, if she was on the ladder at all. A slave, female, foreign and young. In modern parlance we’d say she’d been trafficked.

And that should bring us up short. It’s too easy to dismiss slavery as something which happened hundreds or thousands of years ago. Another time, another place.

But this still happens today. It should still make us uncomfortable.

Jigsaw Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

Jigsaw by Lawrence Kushner

Last Sunday we used the ‘Jigsaw’ poem by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner as part of a celebration service at Christ Church Walmersley.

Often we have little idea of either the impact that we have on others or of our interconnectedness.

Sometimes though you can meet someone for the very first time and know straight away that there’s a reason why you met. You’ve changed them and they’ve changed you.

come as strangers stay as friends eagles solidarity

Eagles Wing: Stay as friends

Eagles Wing are a mutual support group for asylum seekers and local people in Bury, Lancashire.

Their aim is to befriend newcomers to our town. Old friends can make sure that no one is lonely and isolated when they arrive here.

They have members from all over the world, speaking many different languages. But a warm welcome is guaranteed to all who join them.

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