october magazine

October Magazine

This is our October magazine which includes a farewell from Gill Barnett, who is moving to a new role in Rochdale…

“We are all called to be active members of the body of Christ – our anchor – but in that calling we will be gifted and prepared to do things that sometimes make us uncomfortable and which we find challenging. 

Both inside and outside the church we will cross paths with people who may not be like us.  They may dress differently, talk differently, vote differently, hold different things in high (or low) esteem.  There are people who are not like us.  There are people who we don’t like.  There are people who don’t like us.  But there is no-one to whom we shouldn’t show the love of Christ…”

September Magazine 2018

September Magazine

Creation Season runs from September 1st, the start of the Orthodox year, through to St Francis day on October 4th.

Churches and congregations are called to pay special attention to the responsibility of humanity for the Earth and for all that lives upon it.

Its start and end dates reflect that it is a shared idea between Western and Eastern Christianity.

July & August magazine

July & August Magazine

Jesus took to the sea and to the hills when he needed time to rest, to reflect on his life’s journey. We all need to do that and if we are able to spend a little time in different surroundings it really does help our perspective on where we are at. It doesn’t have to be a fortnight sailing around the Mediterranean – a day or two on retreat at Formby can be just as rewarding.

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