The bathed and the bewildered

The bathed and the bewildered

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I find the event described in our Gospel reading a difficult one to comprehend. Jesus being bathed in light; possibly I could account for that. An effect of sunlight perhaps? But I cannot find an easy explanation for the presence of the two Old Testament figures, Moses and Elijah. The disciples were so bewildered and did not know how to respond. Impetuous Peter wanted to put up shelters to mark the spot.


I should think that they were even more disconcerted when they heard the voice of God saying: “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him”. This was a repetition of the words heard at the baptism of Jesus and was certainly a strong reinforcement of who Jesus was.

We all may have had wonderful mountain top experiences but none quite like this one. Jesus and his disciples would come down from the mountain with a renewed vision, strengthened for the future task.

Renewed enthusiasm

Prior to Jesus going up the mountain, things were not going too well. The initial enthusiastic response to him was fading as it was clear he was not the warrior Messiah many expected.

At this moment in time, things are not easy for us. Perhaps we should follow the example of Jesus and take time to seek God in prayer. We needn’t climb a mountain and I don’t think we will see Old Testament figures. But we will find the reassurance of God’s love and be able to carry on with renewed enthusiasm.

“The bathed and the bewildered” was a short reflection written by Margery Spencer for our 14th February 2021 ‘Service at Home’ page. It’s based on Mark 9:2-9.


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