Filled to the measure – S@S

Filled to the measure – S@S

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Sunday@Seven – Filled to the measure

Our next Sunday@Seven service will be on February 24th, meeting together in the back room at Christ Church Hall. The theme this time is: ‘filled to the measure’.

To explain the title, Nigel says: “I was drawn to Ephesians 3:14-19 which is a prayer about being filled to the measure of the fullness of God. I thought it would be a good Lenten thing to do to look at ourselves and ask if we are filled to the measure? Are we full or half-full? Are we full-on for Jesus or half-hearted? Do we need topping up?”

What is Sunday @ Seven?

Sunday@Seven is an opportunity to sing and pray in a more informal setting than the usual Sunday and weekday church services. It’s led by Nigel Silvester, our Authorised Lay Minister (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) and Cath Hilton (backing vocals and keyboard), plus anyone else who has been volunteered on the night.

So if you enjoy hymns old & new then we’d love to see you! There’s prayer and thought-provoking meditations too. Plus a brew, cake and biscuits to keep you going. And this year we hope to hold Sunday@Seven on the last Sunday of every month.

We even have the occasional book review – last month it was Rehearsing Scripture by Anna Carter Florence.

We look forward to seeing you!

[For details of our March S@S please press here. For more about St John & St Mark, Bury please visit our ‘about’ page. For details of our other services then please go to our ‘worship’ page]


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